Over the years of consulting experience we have developed a sound methodology that helps us deliver results quickly and efficiently. Our methodology is based on many years of experience working in software development industry with both large Fortune 500 companies, as well as start-ups, small partnerships, and individual entrepreneurs.

ALL of our projects are charged at fixed cost, determined during initial requirements evaluation.

Every project follows a path through the following phases:

1. Requirements evaluation and bidding. This is the initial phase. Our team will work with you to evaluate project requirements and assess scope of the work and required expertise for the development team. The outcome of this phase will be a bid on the project and a time estimate for delivery of a complete solution.

2. Requirements and Project Scope. Our team works with you to document product requirements and figure out finer details. It is always helpful to have a complete requirements document with as much detail as possible covering systems’s desired functionality. A complete requirements document will usually include real-life use cases and scenarios. Our team will work with you to make sure we capture all of your ideas and requirements for the product. In addition, we will define project timeline, including start time, overall duration, and delivery milestones.

3. Development iterations. This phase typically consists of several iterations during which our developers will complete specific features and components of the application. Each iteration focuses on achieving one of the milestones. At the end of each iteration our team will demostrate the product features completed so far completed with the goal of getting your feedback. This iterative process a useful requirements fine-tuning and product validation tool. We continuously strive to keep our client in the development loop to make sure the project is on track and the final solution is exactly what the client expects.

4. Deployment. Once the product is developed – it is time to deploy it to a production environment. We offer a variety of software deployment and hosting options. For Web-based applications and distributed server-side components we offer a choice of deployment to a cloud service, such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), Linode, or any other service provider of your choice. We can configure virtual-private server instances from scratch, including Web/application servers, mail servers, databases, and other necessary libraries and packages. For desktop-based applications we can configure a centralized distribution service or provide an standard desktop installation scripts.

5. Documentation. Our team will provide all necessary documentation, including user and setup guides.

6. Support and maintenance. Mercurion Technologies provides free support for 3-12 months for all fully paid software solutions delivered to our clients. There is no extra charge for bug fixing and minor adjustments, this work is considered included in the initial price of the project. In addition to the above we offer extended support, maintenance, and managed hosting services.

Our final deliverables usually include:

* Compiled and packaged application.
* Requirements and Specification documents.
* Installation shell script (if applicable)
* At least basic configuration and usage documentation. A detailed documentation can also be provided upon request.
* All source code including software application, scripts, and automated tests.
* A demo version can be provided upon request before the full completion of the project. We especially recommend our customers to interact with a demo version for websites and desktop applications that contain user interfaces while the product is still under development.
* Depending on the size of the project: between 3 and 12 months of free support and bug fixes.
* 2-month free support for minor changes and enhancements (not counting bug fixes) after project completion – as long as each change requires less than 15 minutes of work, no more than 4 requests total.